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Year 8 Cromwell Cartoons

Year 8 have been studying Oliver Cromwell.

They investigated the way Cromwell ruled the country, including his massacre of the Irish rebels at Droheda, his treatment of the Levellers and his outwardly puritanical attitude towards fun and festivities. Students made a judgment about the quality of Cromwell's leadership of England, and created a cartoon to reflect their key idea.

The picture is trying to show that the rules Cromwell put across, he himself did not take into account. So he lied to his own people; who looked up to and trusted in him and his rules. On one side of Cromwell he is wearing a crown and holding signs reading ‘No Smoking’ and ‘No Drinking.’ The people are behind the signs. He is wearing a crown to say he does these actions in the role of King. The people are behind the signs to show that the people followed his rules. On the other side he is smoking and drinking which shows he is not following his own rules and is lying to his Country. These are not elements a King should have. He also has a large head to show he is big- headed and selfish. Katie

My cartoon shows a crowd of people listening to a puritan (you can tell by his hat) ringing a bell (to get attention) and holding a list of paper which is so long it goes all the way down to the floor and rolls around. On the paper it says “don’t…” because it is a list of things Oliver Cromwell has forbidden, like singing and dancing. The people look shocked and horrified because they are upset at all the things Cromwell has said they can’t do. But, in the foreground and behind them, you can see Oliver Cromwell with a can of shaving foam, a pot of slime and a whoopee cushion. He has a finger to his lips to tell the reader not to tell the people he is there, because he is about to play practical jokes on them. What my cartoon is saying is that Cromwell banned people from doing just about anything that is fun and people like to do, even Christmas, while going and doing it all himself behind their backs!!! He was trying to do the right thing by banning things but what he was doing was very unfair. You should practice what you preach. I have done Cromwell in caricature by giving him lots of warts and a big nose so you can easily tell who he is. I have also done him in more detail than anyone else. I have also exaggerated the black Quaker style hat and outfit, so you know he is someone who is on Cromwell’s side. I’ve placed Cromwell more or less in the middle, and a lot bigger than everyone else, so you’re eyes are probably drawn to him first. The people in the crowd are quite small and in much less detail than Oliver Cromwell and the Puritan. Madeleine

My cartoon is about Cromwell. It suggests that he was an evil person andwas wrong to kill Charles. I used size and made Cromwell big because he is the most important thing in the cartoon. I have drawn a crown on his head with question marks on to show when he couldn't decide to accept the crown or not. I have drawn him on a cricket pitch with a cricket bat. He is hitting balls away from him. This is to show that he is knocking out things that he hates. I have used placemen to put the closest and most important thing that Cromwell is getting rid of in the biggest ball. In the first ball is Cromwell with his crown falling off his head and splitting in half. Then there are presents showing when he tried to ban Christmas. After that there are balls showing when Cromwell tried to ban smoking and drinking and finally in the the last ball trying to ban Easter. Divya

My cartoon is saying that Cromwell is a devil because of the horns, tail and fangs. I think Cromwell is a devil because he kills quite a lot of people. For example a party called the Levellers (who wanted to give poor men the chance to vote) were locked up in the Tower of London. Then a 1000 soldiers who agreed with the Levellers rebelled. Cromwell got the loyal army together who captured 400 rebels and shot 3 of the leaders, Cornet Thompson, Corporal Perkins and Private Church. Cromwell also showed his nasty side when he killed a lot of Irish Catholics. I have shown Cromwell locking away “fun”. He voted a ban on Christmas and Easter because they were not in the Bible and were associated with Catholics. Cromwell agreed to have new holidays once a month to replace Christmas and Easter. In the jail holding “fun” I have used symbolism to show Cromwell supported the MP’s when they voted to close all the theatres in London. Puritans thought they were evil places. He also stopped drunkenness. I have shown, next to Cromwell, the gravestones of those he has killed and at he end, England because he is stopping how England was back then. Philippa

My Cartoon is saying that Cromwell was a villain how forbade beer and establishments where you can have fun. He was a killjoy. The Puritans supported him. He killed Charles and cushioned the poor people like the soldiers. I have shown Cromwell much bigger than the others to represent thatCromwell cushioned the others and that he had the power to do that. He is holding a gun and shooting at a cup of beer, a soldier, a theatre and Charles, because he forbade beer and closed theatres. He cushioned the soldiers and executed Charles. The Puritans are standing behind him to show that they supported him. They have a table with lots of guns and are holding a signpost which is saying ‘Go Cromwell’. Valerie

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Holey Moley these are fantastic! I found these while putting together a year 13 college history seminar and these are perfect! I love you!
Professor R. Jeremy